Directory of Diplomates

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  • O'Berry, Phillip A.

    BS (FL '55), DVM (AUB '60), PhD (ISU '67), ACVM Honorary '95. Infectious diseases of livestock and poultry.
  • Odemuyiwa, Solomon O.

    University of Missouri
    College of Vet. Medicine
    D211 VMDL
    P.O. Box 6023

    Columbia, MO 65205
    Phone: (573) 884-9257
    DVM (Ibadan, Nigeria 1990), MS (Ibadan 1994), PhD (Ibadan 2001), ACVM Virology '01. Virology, Viral hepatitis, Molecular Diagnostics, Arboviruses, Zoonoses, Immunology, Asthma and Allergic disease, Cell Biology. Active Diplomate. Educational Research. Academia. Diagnostics. Administration.
  • Olsen, Steven C.

    USDA, ARS, National Animal Disease Center P.O. Box 70
    Ames, IA 50010
    Phone: (515) 663-7230
    Fax: FAX: (519) 663-7458
    MS (KSU '81), DVM (KSU '85), PhD (KSU '91)., ACVM Immunology '94. Immunology of intracellular microorganisms, diagnostic immunology, vaccine development, cell-mediated immunity. Active Diplomate. Government.
  • Origgi, Francesco C

    University of Bern
    College of Veterinary Medicine
    Center for Fish and Wildlife Medicine [Zentrum für Fisch- und Wildtiermedizin (FIWI)]
    and Institute of Veterinary Bacteriology (Institut für Veterinär-Bakteriologie)
    Department of Infectious Diseases and Pathobiology (Departement Infektionskrankheiten und Pathobiologie)
    Länggassstrasse 122, 3012 Bern-CH,
    Phone: + 41 31 631 2445
    Fax: + 41 31 631 2635
    DVM Univ. of Milan Italy 1996; Ph.D. Univ. of Florida 2001, ACVM Virology '07. Virology and Pathology Active Diplomate. Educational Research. Academia.
  • Osebold, John W.

    826 Oeste Drive
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: (850) 753-2392
    BS (WSU '43), DVM (WSU '44), MS (ORE '51), PhD (CAL '53)., ACVM '67. Immunology, emphasis on infection and resistance; immunoglobulins; resistance mechanisms on mucous membranes; antimicrobial cellular immunity; listeriosis; anaplasmosis; influenza. Emeritus. Retired.
  • Osorio, Fernando A.

    Nebraska Center for Virology & School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
    Lincoln, NE 68583
    Phone: (402) 472-7809
    Fax: FAX: (402) 472-3323
    MV (Buenos Aires National '72), MS (ISU '82), PhD (ISU '84)., ACVM '86. Pathogenesis of persistent viral infections. PRRSV .Viral latency, PRV, differential diagnosis of vesicular diseases. Active Diplomate. Educational Research. Academia.
  • Overgaauw, Paul A. M.

    Utrecht University Veterinary Public Health Yalelaan 2
    Utrecht, Ne 3584
    Phone: 31653260696
    Fax: 31302532365
    BAgrSc 1978; DVM 1985; PhD 1997, ACVM Parasitology '11. Parasitology, zoonoses, companion animals Active Diplomate. Academia.
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