Directory of Diplomates

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  • Valipe, Satyender

    470 oak wood ave
    west hartford , ct 06110
    ACVM (Bacteriology/Mycology, 2012), ACVM Virology '12. Active Diplomate. Clinical Practice.
  • Van Campen, Hana

    Animal Reproduction & Biotechnology Laboratory
    Colorado State University
    Fort Collins, CO 80523
    Phone: 303-918-3863
    BS (UCD '75), MS (UCD '78), DVM (PUR '84), PhD (WIS '89)., ACVM Virology '90ACVM Immunology '90. Pathogenesis of viral diseases, diagnostic virology, bovine viral diarrhoea, fetal infections. Emeritus. Retired. Educational Research. Academia.
  • Vatta, Adriano F

    6291 North 37th Street
    Richland, MI 49083
    Phone: (706) 224-9445
    Ph.D. (University of KwaZulu-Natal '08)M.S. (M.Sc.: University of Pretoria '01)DVM equivalent (BVSc: University of Pretoria '98) ACVM Parasitology '17. Active Diplomate. Industry.
  • Velayudhan, Binu T.

    Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
    Texas A&M System
    6610 Amarillo Blvd West
    Amarillo, TX 79124
    Phone: (806) 353-7478
    Fax: (806) 359-0636
    BVSC&AH (Kerala Agr. Univ. India 1997); MVSC (Kerala Agr. Univ. India 2001); Ph.D. Univ. of MN 2006, ACVM Virology '06. Active Diplomate. Academia.
  • Verma, Ashutosh

    Lincoln Memorial University
    College of Veterinary Medicine
    6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway

    Harrogate, TN 37752
    BVSc&AH (LLRUVAS, India '98), MVSc (TANUVAS, India '01), PhD (Univ. Kentucky '07) , ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '11. Development of novel diagnostic assays; Pathogenesis of leptospirosis and Lyme disease; ecology of infectious diseases; neglected tropical diseases. Active Diplomate. Academia.
  • Verocai, Guilherme

    Department of Infectious Diseases
    University of Georgia- College of Veterinary Medicine
    501 D. W. Brooks Drive

    Athens, GA 30602
    Phone: 813-644-0572
    DVM (Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2005), MSc (Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2008), PhD (University of Calgary, 2015), ACVM Parasitology '14. Diagnostic Parasitology, Zoonoses and Public Health, Filarial Nematodes, Biodiversity, Historical Biogeography and Phylogeography, Wildlife Health and Conservation, Systematics and Taxonomy, Anthelmintics and Anthelmintic Resistance, and Vector-borne Diseases Active Diplomate. Academia.
  • Villegas-Narvaez, Pedro

    Department of Avian Medicine University of Georgia 953 College Station Rd
    Athens, GA 30602
    Phone: (706) 542-5085
    Fax: FAX: (706) 542-5630
    DVM (Universidad del Tolima '67), MS (TEX A&M '69), PhD (GA '75)., ACVM '74. Avian virology- avian virus diseases- control of avian diseases. Emeritus. Retired. Educational Research. Academia.
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