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  • Dangoudoubiyam, Sriveny

    PhD (Purdue ’09), ACVM (Parasitology ’13), ACVM Parasitology '13. Apicomplexan parasites, equine parasites, zoonotic ascarids Active Diplomate. Educational Research. Academia.
  • Daniels, Joshua B.

    DVM, Wisconsin 1999; Ph.D. Washington State Univ. 2008, ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '09. Molecular mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance. Active Diplomate. Academia.
  • DeBey, Mary C.

    BS-DVM (KSU 1979), MS (KSU 1986), PhD (IOWA STATE 1992)., ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '99ACVM Immunology '02. Mycoplasma, aspergillus, urolithiases, microbiome Active Diplomate. Industry.
  • Dee, Scott A.

    MS (MIN '85), DVM (MIN '87), PhD (MIN '96), ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '93. PRRS virus transmission, persistence, control and eradication PED virus feed transmission and biosecurity Active Diplomate. Educational Research. Clinical Practice.
  • Dickerson, Harry W.

    College of Veterinary Medicine
    University of Georgia
    D. W. Brooks Drive
    Athens, GA 30602
    Athens, GA 30602
    Phone: (706) 542-5734
    Fax: FAX: (706) 542-8254
    BA (COLBY '71), BVSc (OND '77), MS (GA '82), PhD (GA '85)., ACVM '85. AVCM Member Since: 1985 Members Title: Professor, Infectious Diseases; Associate Dean Research and Graduate Affairs Education: BA (COLBY '71), BVSc (Pretoria '77), MS (GA '82), PhD (GA '85). Statement of Interest: Molecular biology of parasitic ciliates; immunoparasitology; immunobiology of teleosts; vaccine development for aquaculture Active Diplomate. Educational Research. Academia. Administration.
  • Drake, Jason

    ACVM Parasitology '16. BS (Texas A&M 1992); DVM (Texas A&M 1995) Active Diplomate. Industry.
  • Dryden, Michael W.

    DVM KSU 1984; MS Purdue 1988; Ph.D. Purdue 1999, ACVM Parasitology '11. parasitology. Active Diplomate. Academia.
  • Fahey, James R.

    MS (Seton Hall 78), PhD (Rutgers 82), DVM (Cornell 95)., ACVM Immunology '96. Immunology, Infectious Diseases. Active Diplomate. Industry.
  • Fairbrother, Julie-Helene

    DVM (MON '07), Residency (MON '10), MS (MON ’14). , ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '10. Bacteriology; Molecular biology. Active Diplomate. Government.
  • Fisch, Harvey

    BS (COR '68), DVM (COR '72), PhD (FL '81)., ACVM '81. Diagnostic veterinary medicine and livestock import and export Active Diplomate. Government.
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