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  • Fisch, Harvey

    BS (COR '68), DVM (COR '72), PhD (FL '81)., ACVM '81. Diagnostic veterinary medicine and livestock import and export Active Diplomate. Government.
  • Frana, Timothy S.

    DVM ISU 1985; MS ASU 1996; MPH UA 1999; PhD ISU 2004, ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '06. Vaccines, public health and epidemiology Active Diplomate. Industry.
  • Fulton, Robert W.

    BS (OKL '64), DVM (OKL '66), MS (WSU '72), PhD (MO '75)., ACVM '76. Virus diseases of cattle, bovine respiratory diseases (viral-bacterial interaction), bovine viral diarrhea viruses, viral vaccines. Active Diplomate.
  • Gambhira, Ratish

    B.V.Sc&AH (A.P.A.U., India '94), M.V.Sc (I.V.R.I, India '97), ACVM Virology '10. I have a wide ranging experience in developing diagnostics and therapeutic reagents for infectious diseases and cancer Active Diplomate. Industry. Educational Research. Academia.
  • Gauthier, Marie-Lou

    DVM/VMD (University of Montreal '12)M.S. (University of Montreal '15) ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '18. Diagnostic bacteriology Antimicrobial resistance Antimicrobial stewardship Active Diplomate. Government.
  • Gershwin, Laurel J.

    BS (UC-Davis '69), DVM (UC-Davis '71), PhD (UC-Davis '79)., ACVM '80. Immunology, respiratory disease, BRSV, IgE and allergy. Active Diplomate. Educational Research. Academia.
  • Ghielmetti, Giovanni

    DVM equivalent (University of Zurich '15) ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '18. Active Diplomate. Educational Research. Academia.
  • Gilleard, John

    ACVM Parasitology '11. Active Diplomate. Academia.
  • Giovanardi, Davide

    DVM (Parma Italy 1995), ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '12. Diagnostic bacteriology and mycology of farm animals. Active Diplomate. Diagnostics.
  • Givens, Maurice Daniel

    DVM (Auburn '94), PhD (Auburn '00)., ACVM Virology '01. Reproductive pathogens, embryo-pathogen interaction, bovine viral diarrhea virus. Active Diplomate. Educational Research. Academia.
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