Directory of Diplomates

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  • Banda, Alejandro

    Mississippi State University
    Mississippi Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Laboratory
    P.O. Box 97813
    3137 Highway 468 West
    Pearl, MS 39288
    Phone: (601) 420-4738
    Fax: (601) 420-4717
    Autonomous University of Mexico DVM (1992), MSC (1996); Ph.D. University of Georgia 2002, ACVM Virology '07. Viral diseases of poultry, academia-research. Active Diplomate. Educational Research. Academia. Diagnostics.
  • Batista, Edisleidy Rodriguez

    DVM (Agrarian University of Havana, Cuba, 2002), PhD (Agrarian University of Havana, Cuba, 2008), Residency Program in Veterinary Microbiology- Bacteriology/Mycology (University of Montreal, Canada, 2013) , ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '14. Bacteriology, Antimicrobial resistance, Virology Active Diplomate. Government.
  • Besser, Thomas E.

    BS (WI '73), DVM (MN '81), PhD (WSU '86)., ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '90ACVM Immunology '91. Epidemiology of O157:H7 and Salmonella sp. In cattle populations. Passive immunity of neonates: molecular mechanisms. Active Diplomate. Educational Research. Academia.
  • Bommineni, Yugendar Reddy

    B.V.Sc&A.H (Hyderabad,India 2002) M.V.Sc (Hyderabad, India 2004), PhD (Oklahoma State University, Stillwater 2008), ACVM Virology '12ACVM Immunology '09. Poultry Diseases/Avian Pathology, Foreign Animal/Trans-boundary diseases, Infectious diseases of poultry and mammals, Food safety and Food Microbiology, Public Health, Diagnosis, Surveillance and Control of Zoonotic and Infectious Diseases, Diagnostic Microbiology and Regulatory affairs, Veterinary Biologicals and Vaccine development, Laboratory Safety, Bio-safety and Quality Management, Active Diplomate. Academia. Government. Administration.
  • Bourgeois, Melissa A

    DVM (UFL '07), PhD (UFL '10), ACVM Virology '11ACVM Immunology '13. Infectious diseases Active Diplomate. Industry.
  • Bowersock, Terry L.

    13960 Doster Road
    Plainwell, MI 49080
    Phone: (269) 377-6965
    BA (Lawrence U. '76), DVM (OH '81), PhD (TN '88)., ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '89. Pathogenic and diagnostic bacteriology; mucosal immunity; respiratory infection and host response in cattle. Active Diplomate. Industry.
  • Boyce, Walter M.

    DVM Auburn 1981; Ph.D. Purdue 1988, ACVM Parasitology '11. parasitology, zoonotic diseases, wildlife health Active Diplomate. Academia.
  • Brewer, Matt

    ACVM Parasitology '16. Helminths, Arthropods, Protozoa, Pharmacology, Immunology Active Diplomate. Academia.
  • Brock, Kenny V.

    DVM & MS (AU '83), PhD (TN '87)., ACVM Virology '88ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '89. Virology, diagnostic microbiology, infectious diseases of cattle. Active Diplomate. Educational Research. Academia.
  • Burbick, Claire

    DVM (Washington State University, 2008), PhD (Washington State University, 2014) , ACVM Virology '14ACVM Bacteriology & Mycology '14ACVM Immunology '14. Diagnostic Microbiology. Active Diplomate. Academia.
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